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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Monday Blues…Conquer them now!


As long as I have been employed, the people around me suffer from a lack of motivation on Mondays. Dubbed the ‘Monday blues’, the day of excuses and the departure from the weekend.  Envision Monday morning as the start of something new!   Begin doing this and you will see, it’s all about attitude.




Here are 3 tips to help you conquer Monday!


1. Get a full sleep Sunday night

Sunday is the day of rest… and laundry, it is the opportunity to prepare for the week ahead. Sunday is for organizing and scheduling meetings, for lunch planning and goal setting. Above all else the most important Sunday task is getting a full eight hours of sleep. What good is a well organized schedule if you have no energy to capitalize?


2. Commit to an early morning activity

Find a purpose to get out of bed aside from going to work.  As a parent,  my children are my natural motivator. So, whether it’s getting the freshest bagel or committing to an early morning run, choose an activity that will inspire you to start your day ahead of the pack.


3. Making a noticeable difference

Set yourself aside from the crowd. Colleagues riding the Monday blues train offer the opportunity to show leadership in the firm. Coming in to work with a positive attitude and a well rested mind and body can benefit you beyond being productive. Show up excited, ready and willing to slay the day.

Follow this list of actions for one month, or four Sundays, without fail. You will build a habit of changing your attitude and begin to motivate the people around you. Remember to do what you say and finish what you start. Good luck!